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Slate Digital ML-1 Classic 87 Expansion

NT$ 6,113

Slate Digital ML-1 Classic 87 Expansion



Slate Digital ML-1 Classic 87 Expansion

Classic 87 Expansion Pack

The most coveted microphone in the world is now available for the ML-1. The 87 has been used on countless records by the world’s top recording artists, and now you can harness all that same power in your own studio. Get three perfect models of the most famous mic ever made and introduce a ton of classic warmth and signature sound to your recordings.

SD-87 MK1

The SD-87 MK I perfectly captures the sound of this legendary studio microphone. As mics age, so do their internal components, and we recreated that sound with pinpoint precision. This model gives you tons of vintage warmth and classic character that brings the vintage 87 to life.

SD-87 AI

The SD-87 AI is a more modern iteration of this classic microphone. First introduced in 1986, this mic offers an almost entirely flat response with a slight boost in the 10k range. This gives producers an unprecedented level of flexibility, giving you crystal clear, transparent vocals every time.


The SD-87 MK II delivers all the sound and clarity that made this mic a legend when it first came out. The first of its kind to feature solid-state FET circuitry, this microphone has been a fixture in studios around the world, graced by the voices of everyone from Marvin Gaye to Carly Rae Jepsen. If you’re looking for the sound of a newly-purchased 87, look no further.


 台灣總代理公司貨,原廠保固一年 (部分商品視原廠規定,擁有2年至10年保固)。 
 台灣最大數位音樂實體店面,現貨庫存,快速出貨 !
● 軟體類產品因無實體,故不會寄發產品保證卡。

台灣最大數位音樂實體店面 超大量現貨庫存,當日出貨 !

品牌故事 Since 2009 

帝米數位音樂成立於 2009 年,由林威廷老師創立。帝米音樂具備 10 年以上的教學經歷,代理各項國內外熱門的 MIDI 鍵盤、錄音介面、麥克風以及音樂製作軟體,更是獨家代理國外專業品牌,如:FL Studio、ALESIS、MOTU、Antelope、GIK Acoustics 等。帝米多年來維持高度專業、完善售後服務,目前擁有全台灣最大的數位音樂實體門市及網路商店,絕對是陪伴你音樂創作道路上最重要的夥伴。


Slate Digital 效果器

Slate Digital 效果器



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