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Melodyne 音準修正軟體

Melodyne 是一款提供音準修正的軟體,是錄音師的祕密武器,歌手不敢說的祕密,使用它來修正音準,從此再也不用害怕唱歌走音。Melodyne 強悍的地方在於修正音準的時候,並不會有失真的感覺,每一句,每一個字都可以慢慢的修正,甚至連聲音的位置、音量都可以仔細的微調。

在帝米購買 Melodyne 音準修正的軟體,除了可以得到更好的售後服務之外,絕對不會買貴,因為我們每天都在更新匯率還有官網價格。

Melodyne 音準修正軟體

Melodyne 升級方案

Melodyne 更新方案

Melodyne 版本比較表

essential assistant editor studio
Multi-tracking – view and manage multiple tracks in a single window X
Multitrack Note Editing – edit the notes of multiple tracks simultaneously X
Track-transcending macros – apply the macros to multiple tracks simultaneously X
Quantize to reference track – make one track adopt the timing of another X
Sound Editor – unique, overtone-based sound design X
DNA Direct Note Access – algorithms for polyphonic instruments such as piano and guitar X X
Editing of individual notes within chords – with all the tools and macros X X
Extended tempo functions – map and edit sudden or gradual changes of tempo X X
Extended scale functions – create and modify scales; extract scales from audio material X X
Audio-to-MIDI – export notes to a MIDI file X X X
Inspectors – swift access to all parameters X X X
All Melodyne’s tools – for pitch, formants, volume, timing, sibilants X X X
Musically weighted pitch analysis – for psycho-acoustically optimal intonation correction X X X X
Chord Track and chord recognition – bring notes into line harmonically, extract chords from audio X X X X
All the algorithms without DNA – for melodic, percussive and complex material X X X X
Edit note assignments – full control over the algorithms X X X X
Melodyne’s Main Tool – edit the pitch, position and duration of notes and note separations X X X X
Macros for pitch, timing, leveling – correct and optimize notes by means of intelligent automation X X X X
Stand-alone or in your DAW – integrated via ARA , AU, VST 3 or AAX X X X X
Intercompatibility – open and edit projects created by other editions X X X X
Compatibility with Melodyne 4 – open and edit Melodyne 4 projects X X X X