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iCON P1-Nano 混音控制器,具備自動推桿,支援市面上所有編曲錄音軟體

NT$ 9,800

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iCON P1-Nano 混音控制器,具備自動推桿,支援市面上所有編曲錄音軟體


iCON P1-Nano 混音控制器,具備自動推桿,支援市面上所有編曲錄音軟體


  • 1x touch-sensitive motorized fader with 12-bit resolution
  • Programmable 4 inch, 16 panel digital touch display showing DAW functions per 5 color modes – a potential total of 80 displayable and actionable functions
  • Organize DAW functions in the 16 panel touchscreen easily via ‘drag and drop’ in the iMAP – changes made in real time
  • Capability of connecting to 3 DAWs at one time via the DAW select buttons
  • Extremely compact, durable and versatile
  • On-board display showing channel name, control values, metering etc.
  • 8 smooth action dual-function encoder knobs (Rotate and Enter)
  • 12-segment LED display shows timecode or location of your project in either SMPTE or beat clock (bars:beats:ticks) formats
  • Smooth-action jog wheel shuttle for fast search, scrub and control
  • Illuminated function buttons for ‘Read’, ‘Write’, ‘Touch’, ‘Latch’, ‘Trim’ and ‘Off’ – activated/deactivated as required per DAW
  • Illuminated buttons for channel control including Mute, Solo and Record
  • 6 illuminated transport buttons including Play, Stop, Rec, Rewind, Fast Forward and Loop
  • Dedicated ‘Flip’ and ‘Master’ buttons for fader flipping and access to the master channel
  • Illuminated “Zoom” button with 2 directional keys (Left/Right & Up/Down) – used in combination with the jog wheel
  • Illuminated “Focus” button which allows the user to ‘focus’ in and adjust plug-in & EQ parameters etc. via the smooth-action jog wheel
  • 2 illuminated “Track” buttons for selecting individual channels
  • 2 illuminated “Bank” buttons for shifting 8-channels at a time
  • Supports Universal Mackie Control and HUI protocols for seamless integration with compatible music production software
  • Supports Ability, Audition, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Cakewalk, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Mixbus 32C, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reaper, Reason, Samplitude, Studio One and Tracktion Waveform
  • iMapTM software downloadable from website product page
  • USB C high-speed connectivity
  • Firmware upgrade available via USB C connection and iMapTM software
  • User A & User B 1/4 inch inputs for connecting footswitch pedals
  • D5 display unit available (Optional)
  • Class-compliant with MacOS 10.15 or above & Windows 10 or above
  • Superior build quality and robust metal casing with Kensington lock port


  • Customizable Touchscreen: The P1 Nano has a customizable touchscreen display that can be used to control 5 color coded layers of commands in your DAW and match your specific workflow. Quickly access the controls you need at the touch of a button
  • Control Plugins and Automation: Use the 8 encoder knobs and the optional D5 display to control your session plugins. Illuminated automation command buttons and the motorized fader are perfect for riding vocals or automating sends.
  • Integration with popular DAWs: The P1 Nano gives you the ability to control up to 3 DAWs at one time with no interruption to your workflow. Control a wide range of popular DAWs, including Bitwig, Cubase/Nuendo, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools.


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 台灣最大數位音樂實體店面,現貨庫存,快速出貨 !
● 軟體類產品因無實體,故不會寄發產品保證卡。

台灣最大數位音樂實體店面 超大量現貨庫存,當日出貨 !

品牌故事 Since 2009 

帝米數位音樂成立於 2009 年,由林威廷老師創立。帝米音樂具備 10 年以上的教學經歷,代理各項國內外熱門的 MIDI 鍵盤、錄音介面、麥克風以及音樂製作軟體,更是獨家代理國外專業品牌,如:FL Studio、ALESIS、MOTU、Antelope、GIK Acoustics 等。帝米多年來維持高度專業、完善售後服務,目前擁有全台灣最大的數位音樂實體門市及網路商店,絕對是陪伴你音樂創作道路上最重要的夥伴。



iCON 是目前業界最知名 DAW 混音控制器品牌之一,產品皆具備電動推桿,並且支援市面上所有編曲錄音軟體,讓你完全的放開雙手享受音樂製作的過程,並且透過 iCON DAW 混音控制器紀錄一切。



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