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EastWest HOLLYWOOD FANTASY Percussion 好萊塢奇幻打擊樂器音色庫

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EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Percussion


EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Percussion

EastWest’s Hollywood Fantasy Series has drummed up excitement since its launch. Naturally, many Sweetwater composers have been eager to get their hands on the Hollywood Fantasy Percussion library. Popular and esoteric percussive gems combine to create a comprehensive percussion library that can handle any scoring task, whether you need a rousing battle march, an elegant pavane, or the clang of a smithy’s hammer. Hollywood Fantasy Percussion features a whopping 18 instruments with five dedicated ensembles, and each instrument also features three selectable moods and four distinct mix mixes so you can easily craft your ideal sound. Lastly, this mythical library includes a colossal range of beaters, striking materials, articulations, and playing techniques such as rolls and flams.

Build your sonic world

Hollywood Fantasy Percussion features three moods named Soft, Classic, and Epic. These enable your percussive scores to capture gentle ritualistic settings all the way up to cacophonous battle scenes. In addition, four mic positions (complete with level and pan controls) range from Close, Mid, Main, and Surround to provide you with the perfect level of distance and detail. Between these two parameters, you can sculpt incredible soundscapes and atmospherics to fully immerse your listeners.

Meet your percussive army

The instruments included in Hollywood Fantasy Percussion include the following:

  • Three bodhrans: a familiar Celtic drum featured in Braveheart
  • Three gran cassas: orchestral bass drums stuck with various mallets
  • Three large taiko: famed Japanese drums that you’ll recognize from The Last Samurai and Ghost of Tsushima
  • Nagado Ensemble: massive 600-pound Japanese drums traditionally used for rituals
  • Ceng Ceng: Balinese cymbals that sound less raucous than their Western cousins
  • Crotales: tiny chromatic cymbals that sound similar to a glockenspiel but with a slightly hollow quality
  • Cymbal and Gong Ensemble: various struck, rolled, and rapped metal plates that will instantly add some color
  • Goatnail Shaker: a thin, tinkly sound that evokes mysticism
  • Goatnails and Ceng Cengs: a combination of different timbres from these two aforementioned instruments
  • Krakeb: similar to the Ceng Ceng, these North African instruments have a pleasantly soft and rounded quality
  • Metal Shaker: the quintessential pulse keeper, perhaps analogous to the hi-hat of modern ensembles
  • Nagara Rub FX: a rubbed Indian drum that produces a unique, haunting drone
  • Nagara and Ashiko: strikes, rim hits, rolls, and more can be combined to fashion a versatile and festive group
  • Orchestral Bell Ensemble: various chimes for religious or celebratory occasions
  • Orchestral Metallurgy: hammers, anvils, and other metallic sounds for underscoring an industrious town or people
  • Snare Ensemble: a traditional drum corp that sends off the troops as only it can
  • Toms: pairs well with the Snare Ensemble for extra power and prestige

EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Percussion Library Features:

  • 18 percussion instruments and 5 dedicated instrument ensembles that cover any percussive duties for fantasy games, films, or TV shows
  • Wide range of beaters, striking materials, articulations, and percussion playing techniques
  • Recorded on the same stage and with the same mic placements as Hollywood Orchestra, so it blends well with your contemporary EastWest libraries
  • Each instrument recorded with 4 microphone positions (including level and pan controls): Close, Mid, Main, and Surround
  • 3 different moods that range from gentle to thunderous: Soft, Classic, and Epic
  • Uses the revolutionary Opus software engine, loaded with powerful effects and innovative fea

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品牌故事 Since 2009 

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