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UVI Key Suite Electric,電鋼琴音源綜合包

NT$ 5,521

UVI 堅持以最高品質彙輯樂器音色。使用最專業可靠的硬體設備,從前置處理、電纜和樂器的精心選擇到編輯數據的響應和音源輸出,UVI 致力於打造原聲採樣的完美體驗。出色的樂器和錄音僅僅是開始,軟體本身不僅提供忠實的聲音,並且搭配有快速靈活的界面,可按您需要的方式進行混音製作。跟隨內心的旋律調整音軌、輕鬆創造專屬於您的樂曲!





UVI Key Suite Electric,電子琴音源綜合包   價格比國外官網更便宜 

在 UVI Key Suite Electric 電子琴音源綜合包您能享受到豐富的深度樂器採樣和完美錄製的原音,具有專業錄音棚的高品質音色水準,值得一提的是 UVI Key Suite Electric 在 7 個類別中含有高達 63 種樂器;包括多種經典電子琴樂音及許多稀有無法再使用的停產型號,提供令人難以置信的多樣選擇。


UVI 堅持以最高的品質彙輯這些樂器音色。使用最專業可靠的硬體設備,從前置處理、電纜和樂器的精心選擇到編輯數據的響應和音源輸出,UVI 致力於打造原聲採樣的完美體驗。出色的樂器和錄音僅僅是開始,軟體本身不僅提供忠實的聲音,並且搭配有快速靈活的界面,可按您需要的方式進行混音製作。跟隨內心的旋律調整音軌、輕鬆創造專屬於您的樂曲!


The essential electric keys collection
The result of over 20 years in making sample-based instruments, Key Suite Electric was designed to be your desert-island electric keyboard library. Enjoy a wealth of deeply-sampled and immaculately recorded instruments with a level of sound quality and control you'd only expect to find in a professional recording studio. With 63 instruments in 7 categories Key Suite Electric delivers an incredible selection including multiple flavors of the classics and a number of rare and previously unavailable keyboards. Combine it all with a comprehensive selection of presets, a streamlined user interface, and a pro-grade effect rack, and you have the ultimate suite of electric keys.

Exceptional instruments with real character
Each instrument in Key Suite Electric has its own unique flavor, from soft and malleable tones that bend under your fingertips to shimmering tines, and warm analog basses. Each carefully evaluated, serviced, and auditioned, Key Suite Electric delivers a premier collection of electric keys, from iconic era instruments of the studio and stage such as the Rhodes and CP-70, to the more obscure electric key instruments like the Davoli and Denon Piano. You'll find the classics you know and love and inspiring new sounds rich in character and sonic detail.

Deeply-sampled with the finest equipment
We’ve gone the distance to create the finest quality recordings and most reliable engine possible. Applying our 20+ years experience in the field you’ll hear the difference right away, from the knowledgeable choices in microphones, placement, converters and processing, to the natural response from deep multisampling and precision editing, we’ve worked hard to ensure Key Suite Electric delivers ‘that’ sound right from the start.

Professional sound at your fingertips
Great instruments and recordings are only the beginning, with Key Suite Electric we’ve created a library that delivers not only faithful sound but a fast and flexible interface for sculpting it in any way you need. We’ve even included a professional-grade effect rack with impulse response processor, multi-band EQ, digital delay, multimode modulation, and reverb so that you can get creative without the need for additional plugins. Get started with the finely crafted factory presets and easily tweak them to fit your mix, or layer them to create your own custom, hybrid instruments!



•    TINES 
  - EPiano Italian
  - EPiano Japanese
  - EPiano Mk I 1975
  - EPiano Mk I 1978
  - EPiano Mk I Dark Tone  
  - EPiano Mk I Studio
  - EPiano Mk II 54 Keys
  - EPiano Mk II 73 Keys
  - EPiano Mk II 88 Keys
  - EPiano Mk III Broken
  - EPiano Mk V
  - EPiano Mk 7
  - EPiano Student Gold
  - EPiano Student Green

  - Analog P16
  - AP 09
  - AP-30
  - CPiano 10
  - CPiano 30
  - CPiano 35
  - Custom 88
  - InterContinental 7  
  - RMI Keys

  - Cembalet
  - Cembalino
  - Claviset
  - Electra Piano T
  - Electra Piano 1
  - Electra Piano 2
  - Planet Clav Duo   
  - Planet M
  - Planet N
  - Sanza Keys

•    BASS
  - Combo Bass
  - El Toro
  - EPiano Bass 1965
  - EPiano Bass Custom
  - EPiano Bass Extended 
  - EPiano Bass Gold
  - EPiano Bass Salmon
  - K-Bass 1
  - K-Bass 2
  - K-Bass 3

•    REEDS
  - W 140B
  - W 145 Tubes
  - W 200
  - W 200 Studio
  - W 270 Butterfly 1  
  - W 270 Butterfly 2

  - CPiano 60M
  - CPiano 70
  - CPiano 80
  - KPiano 300
  - KPiano 600
  - KPiano 700M
  - Roadmaster 64  

•    CLAVS
  - Clav Model C
  - Clav Model D6
  - Clav Model E7
  - Clav Model I
  - Clav Model L 1
  - Clav Model L 2
  - Clav Model Viba 


  為什麼帝米可以比官網更便宜 !  

1.帝米為 UVI 公司海外簽約經銷商。

 台灣總代理公司貨,原廠保固一年 (部分商品視原廠規定,擁有2年至10年保固)。 
 台灣最大數位音樂實體店面,現貨庫存,快速出貨 !
● 軟體類產品因無實體,故不會寄發產品保證卡。

實體店面 超大量現貨庫存,當日出貨 !



UVI 是一間知名的音色製作公司。利用卓越的合成技術及 DSP 研究設計,帶給音樂家和專業人士與眾不同且極具表現力的音樂製作工具。由於產品不斷的創新及其高水準表現,現今被普遍使用於音樂 Live 演出及唱片錄製中。UVI 擁有許多稀有以及多元的音色庫,包含復古合成器、打擊樂器、世界民俗音色等,眾多的音色絕對能幫助你在音樂製作上事半功倍,並做出帶有獨特風格且非凡的音樂作品。




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