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Toontrack EBX Value Pack | EZbass 擴充音色庫套組,可任選 3 款 EBX Sound Expansions

NT$ 6,380

Toontrack EBX Value Pack | EZbass 擴充音色庫套組,可任選 3 款 EBX Sound Expansions。

此套裝內含 :
✓ EBX Sound Expansions X 3





Toontrack EBX Value Pack | EZbass 擴充音色庫套組

Pick three EBX titles of your choice and create your own bundle of expansions for EZbass!



The concept of our EZ Line products has been clear since day one: to give you, the songwriter, not only products that make your music sound great, but also the tools you need in order to create music. Creativity is the hallmark at the front and center of the EZ Line design. EZbass, of course, is no different. At the heart of EZbass is the MIDI. It includes a wealth of different playing styles for all common genres and was designed to give you the broadest possible palette of options. Ultimately, you decide how the bass performs on your song. Of course, all included MIDI can be infinitely customized – without you having to leave the program. EZbass includes two fundamentally different instruments, both picked to complement one another and paint the broadest possible sonic scope. Each bass was sampled with the same attention to detail and quality that has made Toontrack spearhead the drum sampling industry for 20 years and counting. EZbass delivers the most all-encompassing set of articulations you need in order to produce stunningly real performances for anything from subtle jazz to extreme metal. The main tools of the ‘Modern’ bass include fingers, pick and slap while the ‘Vintage’ bass includes fingers and pick. With EZbass, a great tone is merely a mouse slap away. The presets in EZbass cover a broad range of expertly crafted tones based on amp and cab simulation as well as on the same complex network of effects used behind the scenes in all EZ Line products.


  為什麼帝米可以比官網更便宜 !  

1.帝米為 Toontrack 公司海外簽約經銷商。


 台灣總代理公司貨,原廠保固一年 (部分商品視原廠規定,擁有2年至10年保固)。 
 台灣最大數位音樂實體店面,現貨庫存,快速出貨 !
● 軟體類產品因無實體,故不會寄發產品保證卡。

台灣最大數位音樂實體店面 超大量現貨庫存,當日出貨 !

品牌故事 Since 2009 

帝米數位音樂成立於 2009 年,由林威廷老師創立。帝米音樂具備 10 年以上的教學經歷,代理各項國內外熱門的 MIDI 鍵盤、錄音介面、麥克風以及音樂製作軟體,更是獨家代理國外專業品牌,如:FL Studio、ALESIS、MOTU、Antelope、GIK Acoustics 等。帝米多年來維持高度專業、完善售後服務,目前擁有全台灣最大的數位音樂實體門市及網路商店,絕對是陪伴你音樂創作道路上最重要的夥伴。





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