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TC Helicon GO XLR 電競直播混音人聲效果器

NT$ 15,277

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TC Helicon GO XLR 電競直播混音人聲效果器 (本商品僅支援 Windows 系統,不支援 MAC 系統)



TC Helicon GO XLR 電競直播混音人聲效果器  *本商品僅支援 Windows 系統,不支援 MAC 系統* 

The TC Helicon GoXLR Series Effects and Signal Processors and Vocal Effects are designed to serve our Recording and Broadcast Customers. TC Helicon – We Empower Your Voice. You Inspire The World. We at TC Helicon believe that every voice is precious and our sole purpose is to provide solutions and tools for the world’s most beautiful instrument ­­– the human voice. Revolutionary Online Broadcaster Platform with 4-Channel Mixer, Motorized Faders, Sound Board and Vocal Effects



  • All-in-one killer desktop rig for online broadcasters

  • 4-channel mixer for super-fast USB audio mixing for all your audio sources

  • Customizable motorized faders with LCD scribble strips give you ultimate control

  • Sound board and recorder to cue bumpers and riff on-the-fly samples

  • Studio quality vocal effects used by pro musicians

  • EQ, compression, de-essing and gating controls make your voice sound amazing

  • Premium low-noise Midas mic preamp for professional broadcast quality

  • Full RGB lighting control to fit with your customized gaming rig

  • "Cough" button to instantly mute yourself

  • Simple, easy-to-use controls get you up and running quickly

  • PC app lets you control and recall all of your settings


TC-Helicon-GO-XLR TC-Helicon-GO-XLR


Take everything you used to know about broadcasting audio and forget it. What would take dozens of pieces of hardware and software can now be achieved by one sleek and intuitive solution. Mix your audio in real time, change your voice, use industry defining hardware and software, and engage your audience like never before.

The Perfect Mix Every Time

GoXLR gives you control of your audio like never before. With a 4-channel mixer, you can control the volume of all your audio sources in real time so you can keep your focus where it needs to be.


A Smooth Operator

With customizable motorized faders, you‘ll always come back to sound the way you want it. Change the LCD scribble strips to personalize GoXLR and make it your own.


On-The-Fly Samples

GoXLR’s sound board and recorder can be used to riff on-the-fly samples or to cue bumpers for your podcast or just for fun!


Bring The Studio Home

Use vocal effects that pros in the industry rely on every day, including: Reverb, Echo, Pitch Shift, Gender Bend, Robot, Megaphone and HardTune.


Sound Better Than Ever

GoXLR includes an amazing suite of audio effects including equalizers, compressors, de-essers, and gating controls to make your voice sound amazing with no delay–and you don‘t need to be an audio engineer to use it.


Give Your Voice “The Midas Touch”

GoXLR uses a premium low-noise Midas mic preamp for professional broadcast quality.



Make GoXLR your own with fully customizable lighting to match your gaming rig, your game, your brand, or just you.


Cough It Up!

Use the “Cough” button to instantly mute yourself and avoid being _________.



Whether you‘re a seasoned audio engineer or are brand new, the GoXLR app features simple and easy-to-use controls to get you up and running quickly with advanced options for those who want more control over their sound. We built the GoXLR App from the ground up just for broadcasters and gamers. Use the app to control and recall all of your settings quickly and seamlessly.



 台灣總代理公司貨,原廠保固一年 (部分商品視原廠規定,擁有2年至10年保固)。 
 台灣最大數位音樂實體店面,現貨庫存,快速出貨 !
● 軟體類產品因無實體,故不會寄發產品保證卡。

台灣最大數位音樂實體店面 超大量現貨庫存,當日出貨 !

品牌故事 Since 2009 

帝米數位音樂成立於 2009 年,由林威廷老師創立。帝米音樂具備 10 年以上的教學經歷,代理各項國內外熱門的 MIDI 鍵盤、錄音介面、麥克風以及音樂製作軟體,更是獨家代理國外專業品牌,如:FL Studio、ALESIS、MOTU、Antelope、GIK Acoustics 等。帝米多年來維持高度專業、完善售後服務,目前擁有全台灣最大的數位音樂實體門市及網路商店,絕對是陪伴你音樂創作道路上最重要的夥伴。


TC Helicon



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