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Behringer SWING 32鍵 USB MIDI 主控鍵盤

NT$ 3,705

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Behringer SWING 32鍵 USB MIDI 主控鍵盤。




Behringer SWING 32鍵 USB MIDI 主控鍵盤

The Behringer SWING gives you full control over any synthesizer or virtual instrument in your DAW via USB or MIDI. Featuring a 64-step sequencer with an 8-note polyphonic sequence combined with 32 compact-sized keys and pitch and modulation touch-strips provide unlimited ways to express yourself in a compact and portable package.

The SWING’s 32 compact-sized keys create a perfect balance between size and playability. The keys give you the ability to create more nuanced and colorful passages with velocity and after-touch functionality. Use the Pitch and Modulation touch-strips to add even more character to your music. Chord Play Mode allows you to play a chord with up to 16 notes with one single key for some really enchanting Trance music. The SWING also features a 64-step polyphonic sequencer so you can create any progression imaginable and even play over it. Switch to Arpeggiator mode and create an amazing string of notes that can sync to the clock of any device the SWING is connected to. 

The Style/Pattern knob on the SWING can select up to 8 saved programs in Sequencer style/pattern, while in Arpeggiator style/pattern, you can select different playing orders such as up, down, inclusive, exclusive, random, note order, double up and double down styles/patterns. Select from 8 different time signatures with the Scale knob and adjust the tempo with the Tempo knob or the Tap button. Press the Record button to start recording a sequence. This also doubles as an Append button when holding down Shift. Use this along with the Stop/Clear Last button and you can edit your sequences and arpeggios on the fly.

Product Features

  • 32 compact-sized keys for expressive velocity and after-touch functionality

  • 64-step sequencer featuring 8-note polyphony with rest, tie and legato note entry

  • Chord Play mode with up to 16 notes for extensive loops and long-playing samples

  • Arpeggiator mode with 8 simultaneous notes per step and 8 styles

  • Highly reactive pitch and modulation touch strips for extreme performance and creativity

  • Performance control includes Record, Play and Stop buttons to control sequencer and arpeggiator

  • Ratchet and random gate functions for inspiring song creation

  • Endless sustain via hold button or through an optional footswitch (not included)

  • Shift function includes MIDI channel selection, gate time and swing values

  • CV/Gate and Sync connectors for controlling synthesizers, drum machines and other equipment

  • Class-compliant USB, MIDI Out and sustain pedal input to connect to your studio

  • 4 sync sources easily selectable via front panel

  • Powered via USB or optional DC power supply (not included)



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品牌故事 Since 2009 

帝米數位音樂成立於 2009 年,由林威廷老師創立。帝米音樂具備 10 年以上的教學經歷,代理各項國內外熱門的 MIDI 鍵盤、錄音介面、麥克風以及音樂製作軟體,更是獨家代理國外專業品牌,如:FL Studio、ALESIS、MOTU、Antelope、GIK Acoustics 等。帝米多年來維持高度專業、完善售後服務,目前擁有全台灣最大的數位音樂實體門市及網路商店,絕對是陪伴你音樂創作道路上最重要的夥伴。





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